Sum of All Fears

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Release Date: May 31, 2002

Distributor: Paramount Pictures

Cast: Ben Affleck (Jack Ryan), Morgan Freeman (Cabot), Bridget Moynahan, Alan Bates, James Cromwell, Michael Byrne, Philip Baker Hall, Ciaran Hinds, Ron Rifkin, Liev Schreiber

Director: Phil Alden Robinson (Sneakers, Field of Dreams)

Screenwriters: Akiva Goldsman (A Beautiful Mind, Batman & Robin, Silent Fall, Lost in Space, A Time to Kill); rewrite by Paul Attanasio (Donnie Brasco, Disclosure, Quiz Show)

Based upon: The novel by Tom Clancy. This is the 4th film starring Clancy's character of Jack Ryan, and the third to star Harrison Ford in the role, following Patriot Games and Clear and Present Danger (Alec Baldwin played Ryan in The Hunt for Red October). It's worth noting that another Jack Ryan novel, Cardinal of the Kremlin, was long in development as well, but was eventually shelved due to its dependence upon Cold War tensions, which, obviously, aren't quite as topical anymore.

The story: when the president of Russia suddenly dies and is succeeded by a man about whom little is known, tension increases as old fears ignite new paranoia. Director of Central Intelligence Bill Cabot (Freeman) recruits a young analyst from the Russia desk, Jack Ryan (Affleck), to supply insight and advice. Then the unthinkable happens: the capital of Chechnya is leveled by a nuclear bomb. America is quick to blame the Russians and mistrust escalates despite Ryan's certainty that other players are at work. He is right. Terrorists bent on provoking open war between the two nations are moving behind the scenes to manufacture and escalate a conflict. When they successfully detonate a second bomb outside Baltimore during the Super Bowl, the world is pushed inexorably towards war... unless Ryan can supply the needed proof to stem the tide of disaster in time.

Filming: Production started on February 12th, 2001 in Montreal before filming moves on to Washington D.C. and Baltimore. Other locations include Moscow, Haifa, and the Southern California desert.

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Critic Reviews

"I now see why Harison Ford decided not to play Jack Ryan once again in this very flawed film." Dark Horizons

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